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Overview of the Literature Museum

The Miura Ayako Literature Museum built from the donations of Miura Ayako fans across the country and opened on June 13, 1998. The museum is financed by admission fees and fundraising by supporters. In addition to a small number of staff, the daily running of the museum is carried out entirely by volunteers.

The Miura Ayako Literature Museum has an abundance of nature in the “Foreign Tree Species Model Forest” (the so-called “Mihonrin”) which is the stage for Miura Ayako’s debut work of art “Freezing Point”(Hyōten). Here you can meet small birds, Japanese squirrels, red foxes and more.

At the The Miura Ayako Literature Museum, Miura Ayako’s writings and life are introduced through written information displays. In the literature corner, visitors can watch the video dramatization of “Freezing Point”, in addition to reading all of the works of Miura Ayako.