For Visiting

The Miura Ayako Literature Museum built from the donations of Miura Ayako fans across the country and opened on June 13, 1998. The museum is financed by admission fees and fundraising by supporters. In addition to a small number of staff, the daily running of the museum is carried out entirely by volunteers.

The Miura Ayako Literature Museum has an abundance of nature in the “Foreign Tree Species Model Forest” (the so-called “Mihonrin”) which is the stage for Miura Ayako’s debut work of art “Freezing Point”(Hyōten). Here you can meet small birds, Japanese squirrels, red foxes and more.

At the The Miura Ayako Literature Museum, Miura Ayako’s writings and life are introduced through written information displays. In the literature corner, visitors can watch the video dramatization of “Freezing Point”, in addition to reading all of the works of Miura Ayako.

The Miura Ayako Literature Museum was built through the combined hearts and efforts of many people, in the hope of celebrating the literary work of Miura Ayako, and making her work known widely both in Japan and internationally. It also has the aim of continuing to convey to future generations the abundant food for thought found in Miura’s literature.
Born in 1964 (Showa Era 39), Miura Ayako’s novel “Freezing Point” (Hyōten) was her entrance into the literary world. Starting with this novel, she has left us with a body of work that spans many genres.
A theme of Miura’s literature is the question, “How should a person live?” By including the perspectives of ordinary people, her work is driven by her endless interest in humanity and her exceptional powers of observation.
As a Christian, Miura Ayako’s literary talent was connected to the scriptures. In her attitude of questioning towards the state of humanity, Miura’s literature is at the same time about our common asset, the soul, which is open to all humans regardless of barriers. This new humanism which characterizes Miura’s literature is expressed in this museum by the words, “Light, Love, and Life”, taken from her book of the same name.
We would be very pleased if visitors to this museum could take with them some of this valuable food for thought by coming into personal contact with the work of Miura Ayako.

Days Closed

  • July 1st to August31 st: open daily (no closures)
  • September 1st through May 31 st of the following year: closed Mondays (if a holiday falls on Monday, it will be closed on Monday)
  • December 28th to January 5th: closed for the New Year holiday

Hours of Operation

  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (admissions close at 4:30 PM)

Admission Fee

  • [Adults] ¥700, [University] ¥300, [admissions are free for high school, middle school, and elementary school students]
  • ¥100 discount for 10 visitors or more